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Who We Are

Threepenny Theater Co. is a brand new theater company on the Southern Oregon Coast! Founded in 2023 by Jason and Kat Liddell, Threepenny aims to provide a space for locally-based and locally-born artists to hone their skills and take risks in a supportive environment.

Our mission is to spark creativity, ignite new ideas, and forge an inclusive, thriving performing arts community on the Wild Rivers Coast.  Threepenny Theater Co. is dedicated to accomplishing this mission by advancing the education and accomplishments of local performing artists and through the production of groundbreaking and thought-provoking live theater.

Kat and Jason bring with them a combined 25 years of experience in live theater and the performing arts. Together they have led or participated in nearly every step of a stage production's life span , from acting and directing, to tech and marketing, and much more!

Board of Directors

  • Karyn-Lynn Fisette (President)

  • Chloé Rosenthal (Treasurer)

  • Victoria Weller (Secretary)

  • Rob Gardner (At-Large)

  • Sue Wright (At-Large)

  • Lori Pepsis (At-Large)

  • Adam Wagman (At-Large)

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