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We Just Celebrated Our First Birthday!

And we're not just surviving--we're thriving!

In this month's newsletter...

  • We became a nonprofit, y'all!

  • Get tickets now for our Summer Cabaret fundraiser

  • What even IS a Cabaret? An expert explains!

A slice of cake in the foreground and two people conversing in the background
We celebrated with a cake and everything 💙💛

We're officially a nonprofit! What now?

In less than a year, we produced three plays, formed a board of directors, took the plunge—and got our 501(c)3 status. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of nonprofits, we can’t stress how big of a milestone this is for Threepenny!

First, it means that starting this year, folks who donate to us or buy a sponsorship can write a portion of their contribution off on their taxes. If that matters to you, then we hope you’ll consider Threepenny when you plan your 2024 contributions! It’s a win-win for you AND the local arts community!

You can now make a direct donation to us in seconds on our homepage, and if you want your name or your business’s name/logo on things like our flyers and programs, you can still purchase sponsorships through our online store.

Our new status also makes it that much easier to collaborate and partner with other arts groups and nonprofit groups going forward!

And speaking of which, we’re now officially partnering with the long-running local Chetco Activity Center on a brand new Summer Cabaret fundraiser! Details below…

The Summer Cabaret is casted and it has EVERYTHING.

In the words of SNL’s 2010s nightlife critic Stefon, our upcoming Summer Cabaret experience has EVERYTHING.

Well, CLOSE to everything, at least! This is a TRUE variety show, featuring sketch and standup comedy, professional poets, dance routines, and live singers and musicians! All that, complemented by an all you can eat fish and chips dinner, with the option of purchasing cocktails handcrafted by the most talented bartenders the Threepenny Production Team can acquire!

The Cabaret is happening on Saturday, June 29 at the Chetco Activity Center (550 Chetco Ln, Brookings). Seating for dinner starts at 5:30, and the show starts at 6:00pm.

This is a one-night-only experience, and seating is limited! Tickets are $40 per person and all proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to the Chetco Activity Center and Threepenny Theater Co. Get tickets here or in-person at the Chetco Activity Center before they’re gone!

Wait. What exactly IS a cabaret?

We’re glad you asked! We're gonna professional performer Paulus “The Cabaret Geek” explain what a Cabaret is, because he can do it in a minute or less!

Remember the three elements!

  1. Intimate food and drink atmosphere

  2. Variety entertainment

  3. No fourth wall

And you’ve got a cabaret in a nutshell!

PS: We still have room for a few more performers! If you wanna sing, dance, act, or generally entertain a roomful of people this June, reach out to us on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok, send a message to, or call us direct at 541-251-0640.

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