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Autumn Updates: Early Bird Tickets, Venus Merch, and a New YouTube Channel are all Available!

Happy Fall everyone!

First, let me just tell you how cool it's been to be able to take time to appreciate all of the theater happening in our community this fall. From The Curious Savage at the Rogue Playhouse in Gold Beach up north, to Lighthouse Repertory Theatre’s revival of This is Crescent City in the south, it’s just refreshing to sit back and be a fellow spectator for awhile.

No, really -- it's a big deal for me. I rarely got to just sit back and watch plays very much in the years leading up to Jason and I launching Threepenny. In 2021 and 2022, I'd been too busy making theater (or promoting it) to have much time to go somewhere else and appreciate it. So I’m extra thankful this year for the free time I’ve gained to see how other local groups practice their craft, and to be able to consider those perspectives as we stage our own upcoming productions. If you don't follow those groups on social media already, you absolutely should--they've got a ton of passion, and it absolutely shows in the work they do.

Logos: Love Letters and The Vagina Monologues

Back on the home front...

our company is busy rehearsing for our early 2024 shows right now—Love Letters in February 2024, and The Vagina Monologues in March 2024. And it's official--they'll both be happening at the Brookings Event Center for two weekends!

Now that we've locked in our performance space, that means our winter/spring tickets are OFFICIALLY on sale!

And since you've made it this far into our newsletter, you should know: we're rewarding anyone who takes the time to invest in our theater company's journey with a secret Black Friday deal on early bird tickets!

Now through November 27, you can use the code EARLY at checkout for 25% off your entire order for tickets to either show. Just click “Get Tickets” anywhere on our site, select your preferred show and show date, and you’ll be on your way.

We also have some fun new items on our merch store! We're now offering baseball tees at one superfan’s request--and we also couldn’t resist designing some Venus in Fur merch, featuring last summer’s sexy poster art AND my absolute favorite line of the show.

And finally, if you’re a caffeine addict like me, we’ve also designed some extra pithy, extra colorful coffee mugs! Not only are they fun to look at--they're also perfect for holding your fifth cup of scorched rehearsal coffee.

Want 30% off a merch order through Cyber Monday? First, you rule. Second, just use the code VENUS at checkout.

In other Threepenny news…

  • We have a YouTube channel now! We’re gonna start to share longer videos, like interviews with our cast and crew members, on that platform. Definitely subscribe to our channel if you love behind the scenes content, because we’ll be posting more videos in December!

  • Jason is gonna play Drosselmeier in the Nutcracker this year! The Wild Rivers Conservatory of Dance is staging the classic ballet 12/8-12/17 in Crescent City. Tickets will be on sale soon -- we hope you'll buy some and support the up-and-coming dancers in our community!

  • We’ve had some amazing sponsors come through for us this fall. A huge thank you to our gold sponsors Sue Wright and Fat Cat Pizza for helping us get a head start on our 2024 season! (If you wanna sponsor emerging live theater and get cool thank-you gifts like complimentary tickets and tote bags, get in touch with us or check out all the sponsorship options on our store!)

Stay tuned in December--we'll be back with more updates on our Love Letters and Vagina Monologues rehearsals--and sharing a company Christmas card to boot!

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