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Harmony in December: Ballet, Lights, and Giving Back

Happy Holidays, Pennies!

The holidays are almost here, and of course that means there are so many things going on in our community – including some causes and projects we’re excited to be helping out with!

For starters, the Wild Rivers Coast Foundation for Dance will be premiering their annual production of Nutcracker in Crescent City on December 9th! I (Jason) will be making my classical ballet debut as Uncle Drosselmeyer, the mysterious and mischievous toy maker with endless tricks up his sleeve. And Kat’s throwing their hat in the ring as stage manager! Get tickets here through December 18, and come help support a stellar group of kids!

In live theater, the Chetco Pelican Players are currently showing their winter musical production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. Kat and I just saw their first matinee performance on Sunday. Their show continues for two more weekends from Dec 8 - 17. Find more information here.

Up north, the Ellensburg Theater Company in Gold Beach is ready to premiere their winter production of Harry Conick Jr.’s The Happy Elf on Saturday, December 9. Click here for more info.

As we continue to try to be more active members in the local arts community, Kat and I are also volunteering with Nature's Coastal Holiday and the Festival of Lights all night on Christmas Eve. So you might see us helping with tickets and admissions that night! Tickets for adults are $3; anyone under the age of 12 gets in for FREE!

And of course, Love Letters and The Vagina Monologues are toiling away in rehearsals; early bird tickets are now on sale! And I'm still rehearsing for Tombstone with Ellensburg--that production is set to open in Gold Beach in March. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on those shows after the holidays!

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and now on YouTube! It would mean the world if you tapped into those channels if you have them--we try to get the info out about our productions and the amazing performers in our community every way we possibly can.

Have a wonderful holiday season, Pennies!


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