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Venus Opens in Less Than a Week!

It’s been a hell of a journey getting to the opening night of our very first show as Threepenny Theater Co.--Venus in Fur.

Production still: The cast of Venus in Fur
Catch us this weekend for the spicy comedy, Venus in Fur!

As far as goods and bads go, we've had more goods than anything else, and we feel so lucky and grateful for that. We have a strong base of family and friends that support us, and we've been able to reach out to our local community when we needed help getting things like pallets and wood. Shout-out to Chris Klaus and the Tareshes for the lumber!

We also have a semi-local friend who graciously loaned a fancy divan (a sort of armless couch that's important to the plot) for the show. A big shout-out to Ron Dunn of On the Side Event Design and Production in Medford!

Not to mention our friends at Fat Cat Pizza in Harbor! The owner and manager are not only coming to see our show, but they're actually closing up shop on Sunday for our matinee–AND they’re buying the tickets for any employee that wants to see it with them. A huge shout-out to Tony and Heather, who may be our biggest supporters to date.

Here's a sneak peek at our show program!

We're ironing out the last few wrinkles in the show. We've got lights and sound practiced and prepped. We even built modular riser platforms for the back two rows of seating so they can get a better view of the show.

As far as concessions go, it needs to be noted that we are not selling popcorn (SORRY)!

However, Venus in Fur is a BYOP event, which means that if you Bring Your Own Popcorn, in a microwaveable bag, we'll pop it for you on site at no charge. ALSO, Kat is going to be making some delicious and dope treats that we'll have for sale. (If you’ve never had Kat’s desserts before, that’s reason enough to catch this show. Seriously. Their sweets are out of this world.)

This is an exciting time for us! We're so thankful for everyone reading this right now, and for everyone that comes to see the show and supports us. This will be the first of many shows and events; some edgy like Venus, and some not. We want to explore a very wide breadth of what theater means, can mean, and does for our tremendous community.

So, from all of us at Threepenny: work hard this week, enjoy your Independence Day, do what you need to and take care of what needs it, so that when Friday comes you can come chill with us this weekend, and you can relax and enjoy some dramatic yet hilarious, kinda spicy, super fun theater.

Venus premieres this Friday, July 7 at 7:00pm sharp at the Brookings Event Center. Tickets available in advance at

Oh! And are you a student, senior, or veteran? Use Promo codes STUDENT, SENIOR, or VETERAN for a 10% discount. (Honor system, baby.)

See you there.


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