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Well that's a pivot.

THOMAS: You might say this play is about... beware of what you wish for.
VANDA: Because she might come walking in the door. Don't f*** with a goddess is what it's about.
--David Ives, Venus in Fur

What a month!

We won’t beat around the bush: Everyone’s okay, but due to some health scares amongst the cast of God of Carnage, we’ve had to pivot!

So on July 7, 8, and 9, Threepenny is going to present an even bolder inaugural production than we originally planned: Venus in Fur, by David Ives.

Don’t tell Jason I said this (he’s not reading this, right…?) but I’m even more excited to present this play than I was to work, however briefly, on Carnage.

Why is that? Well, if I could easily sum up the plot of God of Carnage in a single word, then the words “earthy” or “cathartic” might come to mind.

But if I were to apply those same rules, then I would have to say that Venus in Fur is—in a nutshell—“spicy.”

That’s right. Freaking spicy.

Venus in Fur Logo Art

Both plays cover their fair share of controversial or offbeat topics, which, no surprise, we have a habit of loving. With Carnage, we got to explore the sheer rawness and brutal honesty of humanity when the expectations of polite society get suddenly, and viscerally, stripped away.

(Seriously. We had a vomit machine prepared and everything. Alas, Vominator 2000. You'll have to make your debut another day.)

But in Venus in Fur, I get to take my co-star on what I can only describe as a comedic journey of sensuality run completely and delightfully amok. The usual gender and power dynamics we’re used to seeing onstage get completely turned on their heads in this play, and sexuality and pleasure are talked about with a refreshing level of comfort and honesty. If you're not familiar with the story, you can check out this synopsis here -- or take a look at this clip from the 2011 Broadway production.

In terms of character dynamics alone, I am completely thrilled. And when I stop to think about my possibilities for growth as an actor, I begin to practically vibrate with excitement! If you saw RENT and thought Angel was a transformation, wait’ll you get a load of Vanda Jordan.

We can't wait for you to join us at the Brookings Event Center July 7-9! You can get tickets for Venus in Fur in advance at, or at the door on the day of performance. Doors open 30 minutes before showtime.

--Kat Liddell

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